5 Fun Summer Program Lesson Plans to Unleash Engagement! Grades 3-5

Engaging Summer Program Lesson Plans are the perfect way to keep young minds active and engaged, preventing the dreaded “summer slide” while fostering a passion for learning! These expertly crafted summer program lesson plans for ELA and math are designed for students in grades 3-5, blending fun with educational rigor. What sets these resources apart is the integration of exciting summer activities that ignite creativity while engaging in practical skills. Students will have the opportunity to design their own ice cream truck, draw plans for a lemonade stand, and engage in other summer-themed projects that make learning both enjoyable and relevant.

Summer Program Lesson Plans
5 Summer Program Lesson Plans

Whether you’re a teacher looking for supplemental materials or a parent aiming to support your child’s academic growth, Teaching with a Vision’s resources provide a comprehensive and engaging approach. From captivating reading adventures to exciting math challenges, these lesson plans ensure that learning continues seamlessly throughout the summer break. Explore below and discover the tools you need to make this summer both productive and enjoyable for your students!

Summer Program Lesson 1: Project Based Learning

This Summer Fun ELA & Math Project, Run an Ice Cream Truck is a Project Based Learning Unit for 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade & involves Real World Math Worksheets, Persuasive Letter Writing with Graphic Organizers, Rubric and anchor charts. Perfect for Literacy and Math Centers! Digital & Print Options Available This is a guaranteed winner!!!!

Mr. Sullivan I. Scoops is giving away 25 ice cream trucks but students must prove that they have the qualifications

They must meet his requirements by:

  • Writing a letter to Mr. Scoop convincing him that they have the necessary skills (Hard Working, Creative, Good Number Sense) to own an ice cream truck business
  • Naming and designing their own ice cream truck, creating a new flavor ice cream, and creating an advertisement on Social Media promoting their new business
  • Showing their math knowledge/number sense by: 
  1. Practicing totaling ice cream orders and giving change
  2. Surveying and graphing favorite ice cream flavors
  3. Determining wholesale costs for the ice cream, and then figure out how much is needed for their truck.

Explore this number 1 summer resource here.

Summer Program Lesson Plan 2: Choose Your Own Summer Job

Sharpen students ability to persuade their audience with this Summer FunPersuasive Writing Project for 3rd 4th 5th grade. It includes Summer Writing Paper, Sentence StartersGraphic Organizer & Google Slides. Great for Summer Morning Work! Digital & Printable Options available.

With “Choose Your Own Summer Job”, students get to select between 1 of 3 jobs. then write a persuasive letter to the manager convincing them that they are the person for this job! The Google Slides digital version allows them to click on the job of their choice and contemplate the pros and con of each jobGreat way to empower your students!!

Summer Jobs to Choose From:

  • Manager of LuLu’s Lemonade Stand
  • Manager of Wally’s Waterslide
  • Manager of Scott’s Scuba Diving

Summer Program Lesson 3: Summer Packet – Reading comprehension & Real World Math Problem solving

Engage students with this Summer Review Packet for 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade. Four Summer Reading Comprehension Passages (2 Fiction, 2 Nonfiction), 4 Math Worksheets with Real World Math Problem Solving & Crafts or Design activities to match each summer theme.

The reading comprehension passages focus on character traits, theme, main idea, and author’s purpose, featuring stories like “The Lemonade Battle” and informational texts such as “The Invention of the Popsicle.”

It also offers real-life math money activities in which students solve problems like purchasing supplies for a lemonade stand and budgeting for field day. It also includes creative summer crafts like creating a lemonade stand and constructing popsicle stick airplanes, along with a design center where students can sketch their ideal field day or create pool noodle inventions. A great way to unleash students’ creativity while achieving multiple academic goals! Explore more here.

Summer Program Lesson 4: 2024 Summer olympics Reading & Math Activities

These summer program lesson plans are a terrific way to integrate social studies, math and reading comprehension. With the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics, students will have the opportunity to participate in a global event and experience the unity of nations.

This bundle includes five nonfiction Summer Olympics reading comprehension passages with multiple-choice questions, a real-world math project with 30 data and statistic analysis word problems, and an engaging finish-the-story writing activity. All these are part of the exciting Summer Olympic Mystery Games, in which students must correctly answer each question to “unlock the code,” solve the mystery, and win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal! Truly Makes learning relevant to the world around us!


Add to your Summer Program Lesson Plans with this FREEBIE! Provide background knowledge for the 2024 Summer Olympics with these Crossword Puzzles and Word Search. They focus on positive character traits of an olympic athlete, as well as the various olympic games involved in the Summer Olympics. Enjoy this Freebie here.

Summer Program Lesson 5: Mad Libs, Parts of Speech

Make your Summer lesson plans complete with these 8 engaging Summer Mad Libs. Students have the opportunity to create silly stories with topics that include My Future Teacher, Summer School on Mars, and The Shark who Joined the Surf Contest, all while showing their grammar knowledge for Parts of Speech. Included is an opportunity for students to write their own mad lib for their friends to complete.

Ultimate engagement is unleashed though when students share their silly stories with each other! Stayed tune for more Mad Libs for Back to School. Explore this resource in-depth by clicking here.

As you prepare for the summer months, consider integrating these unique and engaging lesson plans into your program to keep students motivated and excited about learning. These summer program lesson plans are designed to spark creativity, promote critical thinking, and provide real-world connections that make education both fun and meaningful. From designing their own ice cream truck to solving real-life math problems and exploring captivating reading passages, students will be fully immersed in activities that blend enjoyment with academic rigor.

Don’t let the summer slide hold your students back—explore our resources today and ensure a productive, enjoyable, and educational summer for all! Visit our Teachers Pay Teachers store to discover these and more fantastic resources tailored for summer learning.

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