"Good classroom management is the art of dealing with problems positively and looking for solutions together so that everyone is involved and willing to find a remedy."
– Kavita Bhupta Ghosh

The Rise and Shine Behavior Management System Saves the Day

A happy day starts with happy students. Let me share my rise and shine behavior resource to help you out!

Reward Coupons Freebie

Struggling with managing things?

Are you looking for classroom reward coupons to help with your classroom management system? Has behavior management changed for you, especially over the past few years?  I decided to inspire and motivate my students with these 32 NO COST classroom reward coupons, and they simply love them!

I quickly realized that purchasing things for my treasure box was becoming costly and time consuming. My students work extremely hard to earn these rewards, especially Lunch with the Teacher, Lunch Bunch and No Homework.  We reflect often on their behavior and how they can improve upon it. I have noticed that because of these coupons and what they offer, they help to build a sense of Classroom Community! These coupons are also included in my Rise and Shine Behavior System.

To get your copy of the coupons, all you have to do is sign up for my email list below, and I will send you the coupons for free.  Plus, I’ll share other timesaving ideas right in your inbox! 

Reward Coupons

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