Santa Needs Elves, A Christmas Project Based Learning Unit for Elementary

Santa Needs Elves

Are you searching for Christmas Math Activities and Christmas Persuasive Writing Prompts? In this Christmas Project Based Learning activity, Santa Needs Elves. Students must write a persuasive letter to Santa along with solving Christmas Math Activities in order to assist Santa at the North Pole. The activities in this resource include both Language Arts Project Based Learning and Multiplication Project Based Learning. You get both DIGITAL AND PRINT!

Christmas Math Activities:

  • Students solve a series of real world problems based on the hourly wages for the various elf positions being offered. They must determine the hourly wages for the different positions being offered at Santa’s Workshop.
  • There are 2 ability levels to allow for differentiation.

Team A: Hourly wages are written with no cent amount to allow for simple,whole number multiplication

Team B: A little more challenging, with hourly wages that have some 50 cent amounts, making the multiplication problem more difficult. Math recording sheet and answers included.

Math problem solving
Math problem solving

Persuasive Writing Connection

  • Students then complete a Job Application for one of the six jobs being offered.
    • Toy Designers
    • Advertising Designers
    • Toy Researchers
    • Pastry Chefs
    • Travel Agents
    • Business Managers
  • They must then write a letter to Santa convincing him that they are the best person for the job (Sample letter provided.) ALL LETTER WRITING RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE IN A PDF VERSION AND ONLINE IN GOOGLE SLIDE. They include:
    • Graphic Organizer (Digital and Print)
    • Stationary (Digital and Print)
    • Five Parts to a Letter
    • Persuasive Sentence Stems
    • Powerful Persuasive Words

How can I use this resource?

  • Great for Christmas/Holiday Activity
  • Add to a Task List
  • Include in an ELA and Math Center
  • Persuasive Letter Writing Block
  • Multiplication Problem Solving Center
  • Special Education Support in Math and ELA

Here what TPT Teachers are saying:

“Kids enjoyed being elves for the day. We made reindeer food as well as read an elf story… fun day.”
“Worth the money!”
“Fun and engaging holiday activity! “

Project based learning for the holidays

Have questions? Let me know in the comments, and Happy Holidays!

Santa Needs Elves, A Christmas Project Based Learning Unit for Elementary