4 Comprehensive, Essential myView Literacy Resources Grade 3

myView Literacy Resources G3 U4

myView Literacy Resources Grade 3 Unit 4 are finally here to help support your students with myView literacy progress check-ups (grade 3), and the unit assessment focus areas: Word Study/Spelling, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Language and Conventions, and Writing (Revising and Editing). This post hones in on comprehensive, essential resources from my TPT Store Teaching with a Vision to learn about myView Literacy Resources Grade 3 Unit 4, including a valuable FREEBIE to support language and conventions for Unit 4! Check out all of myView Literacy Resources Grade 3 by Clicking here.

myView Literacy Resources Grade 3 Unit 4

myView Literacy Resources G3
Language Quick Check for All Literacy Skills

Resource 1: Are you looking for morning work or homework to help students with a complete overview of ALL myView Literacy Resources Grade 3 Unit 4 Weeks 1-5? Great practice for Weekly Progress Check Ups and Unit 4 Assessment! This low prep resource has 15 printables with answers (myview literacy 3rd grade pdf), and focuses on all essential skills mentioned above.

How Can I use This Resource?

  • Review myview literacy progress check-ups (grade 3)
  • Unit 4 Assessment
  • Formative Assessment to Check for Understanding
  • Small Group or Partner Work
  • Morning Work
  • Homework

Here’s what teachers are saying:

“This resource is amazing, it is a great summary for the week for my students. We had to do the first 3 weeks or so together but because it sticks to the same pattern the kids were eventually able to start doing this independently. My class is extremely low this year, so this is very hard for them however it provides a challenge and keeps expectations high for them.”

“Love this resource!!–The students loved doing a little bit each day, and I loved the fact they had a fun way to practice their grammar skills!!”

“One of the best purchases I have made related MyView. Each worksheet reviews all the sections included in each week.”

myView Literacy Resources Grade 3 Unit 4

myView Literacy Resources Grade 3
Word Study/Spelling Bundle Grade 3 Unit 4

Resource 2: This myView Word Study/Spelling Bundle for Unit 4 offers 32 task cards for each week, posters for each skill and much more – Many opportunities to prepare students for the Grade 3, myView assessments. Great for literacy centers, independent practice, partner or group work.

It is available in 3 different forms:

  1. Digital in Google Slides
  2. PDF Colored Version for laminating
  3. PDF Black and White for printing

Here’s what teachers are saying:

“We use Pearson/SAVVAS and this is a really helpful supplemental tool to use when what they provide isn’t enough. Thank you for all of your stuff, I will be buying more.”

“Saved me SO much time with ready-to-go stations for my class to use!”

myView Literacy Resources Grade 3 Unit 4

4 Comprehensive, Essential myView Literacy Resources Grade 3
myView Grade 3, Unit 4 Opinion Writing

Resource 3: This No Prep, Opinion Writing Unit is perfect to support myView’s Writing for Grade 3, Unit 4 WITH A Community THEME. It includes opinion writing prompts, scaffolded graphic organizers with sentence starters that allow for more detailed, organized writing (perfect for your struggling writers), task cards and much more.

  • This units explores a Community theme, and allows students engage themselves both personally and academically
  • The eight practice prompts will help students prepare for both the weekly and unit assessments
  • Most of the prompts allow students to form an opinion about community topics ranging from: convincing a friend get involved in the local community by helping in some way, to persuading your community that recycling and reusing everyday materials is a practice everyone has to do.


myView Literacy Resources Grade 3 Unit 4

myView Literacy Resources Grade 3
Language & Conventions Grade 3, Unit 4

Resource 4: As Language and Conventions are a vital component of the Unit Assessments, students need more practice with these important skills and standards. This engaging resource provides additional support with the following skills:

  • Week 1: Possessive Pronouns
  • Week 2: Contractions
  • Week 3: Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
  • Week 4: Comparing with Adjectives
  • Week 5: Adverbs

Great for weekly practice as Language and Conventions are not part of the Weekly Progress Check Ups, yet it is a skill that is included in the Unit Assessments. Therefore, more time each week should be devoted to these essential language skills to properly prepare students.


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myView Literacy Resources Grade 3, Unit 4 are now available.