5 End of Year Activities for Elementary Students to Unlock Empowerment!

End of Year Activities Elementary Students

End of year activities for elementary students present a unique opportunity to both REFLECT on personal experiences from the past school year and to REVIEW essential academic skills in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics. This combination of reflection and review not only acknowledges the year’s personal milestones but also reinforces the foundational skills necessary for future academic success.

In this blog, we will delve into engaging end of year activities designed to help students reflect on their favorite memories, key learnings, and significant achievements, while also strengthening their understanding of crucial ELA and math concepts. These activities ensure that students can both articulate their personal growth and maintain academic sharpness, preparing them for the transition into summer and the upcoming school year.

End of Year Activities For Reflection

These activities empower students by providing an opportunity to reflect on the past year and highlight some of their fondest memories! Reflecting on and highlighting special memories is crucial for the emotional and cognitive development of elementary students. This practice boosts their self-esteem by affirming their achievements and fosters a greater emotional understanding by allowing them to express and process their feelings.

The activities below offer reflection in many formats. Determine which are best for the students in your classroom

1. End of Year Reflection Activity Grades 2-5 STEPPING OUT OF. . .

In this unique printable resource: “Stepping Out of 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Grade,” students decorate 5 sneaker templates (or choose from the five) to reflect on their memories in throughout the year (Two digital templates are included for you to add your own topics). This activity also makes a great end of year bulletin board display as it comes with 2 different colored, printable displays. Students have many topics to reflect on from A Day in the Life of . . to A Sneak Preview of My Teacher.

2. End of Year Activity Grades 1-5 “Cone-Grats “

Perfect for Morning Work, this comprehensive resource includes everything needed to help students reflect on their school year. Included are End of Year Gift Tags, Letters to the Teacher, and vibrant Bulletin Board Displays. Explore them below!

End of year Activities to Review

End of year Activities that focus on review are important for elementary students because it helps them really nail down what they’ve learned throughout the school year. It’s like giving their brain a recap so they don’t forget the important skills over summer break. This review makes sure they’re ready and confident to jump into the next grade without missing a beat. Plus, it gives them a chance to pick up on anything they might not have completely grasped earlier in the year, ensuring they’re on solid ground for whatever comes next.

End of Year Activities 1:

Run YOur Own ice cream truck business

This is by far my best selling End of Year or Summer Activity. Students get to apply for and then design their own ice cream truck. Persuasive letter writing and real world math problem solving skills are also part of this highly engaging unit. Guaranteed winner!

End of Year Activities elementary

End of Year Review Activity 2:

Choose Your Own Summer Job

In this activity students practice their persuasive/opinion writing skills by applying for one of 3 jobs: Manager of: LuLu’s Lemonade Stand, Wally’s Waterslide, or Scott’s Scuba Diving Shop. The digital version in Google Slides allows interested applicants to click on each job, determine the pros and cons of each, and then make a final decision for entering the “final application process.” Printable option is also available,

End of Year Activities Elementary Students

End of Year Review Activity 3:

Summer Fun Packet

These engaging End of Year Activities are perfect to review reading comprehension and math skills. As an added touch, there are crafts or design activities to match the 4 summer themed passages2 fiction and 2 nonfiction. Perfect for end of year review or summer review packets!

End of Year Activities for Elementary Students

Whether your end-of-year activities are focused on reflection or skills review, all five activities are guaranteed to spark active engagement and foster success in your classroom. I would love to hear about your experiences and successes with these activities! Please feel free to share your feedback and let me know how they worked for you and your students.

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