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Are you searching for no cost classroom rewards? Are you interested in improving classroom management? This freebie is part of my Rise and Shine Behavior System that hones in on 3 essential areas: active listening, respectfulness and building independence, all essential for building classroom community. You can check it out here…

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This was a very useful resource to purchase and I would recommend it to any junior teacher! Everything you needed was there and it was very organized resource. Looking forward to using it again this year!
My students are at various levels of English Language acquisition. The activities were easily adaptable and every student was engaged and excited to continue the learning after reading the story. Thank you!
I used most, but not all the parts of this lesson and it was very helpful. My students did much better with their personal narratives this year compared to last. While I think part of it was me teaching the content for the second time, I also think a big part of it was this resource. Thank you.
This resource has helped me so much! Particularly the build a rocket game. My student LOVED it! The entire time they were playing I kept hearing "This is so fun, can I play again?". My students have never enjoyed word work or vocabulary so I am so thankful I found this!
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